Why I'm Running

I have been a lifelong advocate of workers’ rights and accountability in leadership -- and will continue to be in office. We are in this together and we are the solution we have been waiting for.

I was on the Democratic Platform Committee in 2016 and I will be bringing Bristol Bay Watershed Protection to to the Democratic Platform.

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About Me

I have strong Irish working-class roots and have always been deeply involved in community organizing and community-building efforts. I moved to Alaska in 1997 from Burlington, Vermont to work with Tribal Governments in Northwest Alaska. In 2001, I moved to the valley where I have continued to work for Alaska Native tribes, am employed at the Mat-Su Regional Urgent Care Center, and have served in a number of public service capacities.

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My Priorities

Business and Professional Positions

Coordinator, Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign, Northern Vermont

Coordinator, Rainbow Coalition, Northern Vermont

Director, Vermont Pilot Project, Criminal Justice System Reform and Domestic Violence

Nationally-certified Vermont EMT; Kotzebue, AK EMS

Burlington Police Commission

Burlington Tax Board

Planning/Development Manager, Maniilaq

Houston Planning Commission

Community Organizer, St. Albans Vermont

Franklin County Court Diversion

Franklin County Mental Health Emergency Crisis and Detox

Founded Big Brothers, Big Sisters Franklin County

Medical Coding, St. Peter’s Hospital

Battered Women’s Program Coordinator, CCAP

Consultant - Planning, Technical Advising, Intergovernmental Negotiations

OAR, Matsu Regional Medical Center